A word cloud from a tribute by students and colleagues.

Who Am I?

I’m a native of the farm country of central California, and have lived in the Pacific Northwest, the South and the Midwest. My music has been performed in 28 US States, Europe, Australia and Latin America, and on National Public Radio, New York’s WQXR and Portland’s All Classical FM. I’ve played saxophones and woodwinds in rock bands, jazz bands, marching bands and Renaissance consorts. I’ve sung with Robert Shaw and Helmuth Rilling in Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and all over Europe. In addition to Shaw and Rilling, I’ve worked in masterclasses and performances with Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Krzyzstof Penderecki, Arvo Pärt and Frederic Rzewski. I’ve designed curricula and directed music theory study at a state university and a private Christian liberal arts college. I’ve been a pioneering teacher in the online environment, designing and teaching an online Music Appreciation course in 1998. I’ve served as a consultant on online teaching through the University System of Georgia to colleges and universities all over the state including arts and humanities programs, an online MBA program and a writing program. I’ve mentored students and colleagues in the use of technology in music education.

I’m also a father, husband, brother, colleague and friend.