My music has been performed in 28 US States, Latin America, Australia and Europe. My opus list includes music in many genres, from band and orchestra to solo songs to electroacoustic music for meditation. Check out my complete catalog or my SoundCloud site to find out more.

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I’m an experienced professor, teaching music theory, composition, voice, music technology and humanities courses. I also am available for private lessons in composition, counterpoint and orchestration, in person or online.

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Faculty Lecture Poster


Listen to my 2018 George Fox University Faculty Lecture, “Structures in Silence, Sound and Time”

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A Testimonial from fellow Musicians:

On behalf of Elizabeth Rice, Charlie Whittaker and myself, I’d like to say how wise we feel to have chosen Brent Weaver as our consortium’s composer and how lucky we feel that he accepted the position!
After hearing his compositions this evening, one can easily recognize his talent, versatility, inventiveness, and creativity….
Brent Weaver is possibly the kindest, most accommodating and humble soul there ever was. He knew that his job was to give us compositions that would be usable – workable for each of our congregations. And that he did…..even if it took reworking and rewriting and refiguring. He wasn’t interested in an esoteric piece that would sit on our shelves….and neither were we. He constantly sought our opinions and input and became physically, spiritually, and emotionally in touch with our respective congregations.
In the words of Charlie Whittaker, Brent didn’t use a “cookie-cutter” formula to craft our pieces. Instead, he came up with new ideas for each one of the six pieces and was able to create the diverse and beautiful palette you witnessed this evening.

Cantor Deborah Benardot of The Temple on Peachtree, Atlanta, speaking for the music directors of the consortium of congregations I served as Composer In Residence, April 2001.