Brent Weaver, composer
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I’m currently coordinating music theory and composition studies at George Fox University, a Quaker college near Portland, Oregon. I’ve also lived and worked in the Atlanta area, having taught for 14 years at Clayton State University near Atlanta, Georgia. But at heart I’m a Westerner -- I grew up here, and this is my home. I’m a (mostly) grateful Christian and the very fortunate husband of a wonderful family: a beautiful and generous wife and three intensely fascinating children. 

My music is mostly about faith in one way or another -- I consider music my calling and ministry. Even the instrumental pieces and the not overtly religious ones have their basis in some part of the life of the spirit. If some portion of my music can spark in another a reflection of God’s infinitely greater creativity, then I’m happy.

Welcome to these pages. You’ll find the latest catalog of my work, links to a few representative works and some other information. I’ll be building this site in the months to come, so feel free to check back.

Blessings to you,

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